DUANE R.  PROBUS     Artist

Duane was raised in rural Kentucky  0n a non-motorized farm. His favorite recreation activity was riding his horse, along with his dog throughout the adjacent hills and hollows. He has always had a keen obsession for studying nature. This provided Duane with material, knowledge and romantic feel for scenes not normally experienced in today's modern world.

While in high school, Duane got involved in the only art classes available to the area at the time, correspondence courses through the Minneapolis Art Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Duane had an Opportunity to study a year under Clause Hausseman in Frankfurt, Germany, in that he was stationed at nearby Rhein Mein Air Force Base. After the Air Force, Duane attended the University of Louisville Art School for four years. He then was able to study an additional five years under Leslie Jones in Dallas, Texas.

The color combinations, lighting and detail his  paintings is absolutely outstanding. He uses a magnifying glass and sometimes, even a blade of grass will have several tones in order to achieve just the right feeling.

Duane's reproductions have been in worldwide circulation for  years. He painted several pieces for Donald  Art Company with reproduction outlets in New York and Holland. His Limited Editions and Open Editions also have Universal appeal.